Close it or break it

After writing my blog, I put the URL on several websites and my CV to use as an example of the work I had done. A week later, I went on to add a blog only to find there was a database error and the website was not working.

The error suggested that the database could not be created but I knew the database existed and, when I went to my host account, I could access the database using the

Entity Framework MySQL

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What are the classes needed for a blog?

When deciding the classes needed for a project, you need to consider the basic entities you are going to have in your project.

For a blog, you need somewhere to store the blog text and, if you want to use categories or tags, somewhere to store each of these.

I decided to have a Blog class and a Category class. Each Blog can have many different Categories and each Category can be

Blog C# Entity Framework Many-To-Many relationship

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I need a blog - so why not build one?

I thought it would be good to share my journey of learning to develop web applications with my own blog but how best to put one together?

I have previously used WordPress and Blogger so am familiar with how blogs work but, if I want to learn how to create websites, the logical way forward is to create a blog from scratch.

Armed with Visual Studio 2017, a domain and database, I

Blog Quirks HTML Helpers

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